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Finding Peace within

" He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the world." - Marcus |Aurelius If you have asked yourself the question (How can I find peace of mind?) Some say it lies in security, some say it lies in de-cluttering, some say through stillness and calm, some say it's about acceptance and letting go. You create your state of mind by the things that you do, and you cement that by the things you tell yourself. As long as I behave with integrity every day, I can feel at peace with myself. Things will always change. Life will sometimes be tough. People will say and do things to upset you. That's just the nature of things. As long as you hang onto your integrity, no matter what is happening in the world, you can go to bed with a clear conscience. And no matter how tough things get, you can still have that wonderful sense of peace within you. Here are some helpful tips: know your ideal self ( what principles do you wish to uphold?); let go of perfectionism ( allow yourself to be imperfect, and yet still make progress) ; do the next right thing , practice patience ( take a deep breath before reacting to someone who annoys you) , let your head and heart support you ( try to understand others instead of judging them), think long term ( think about how your reaction to something will feel in the future. Will you be happy about your behavior? Will it lead to you feeling peace of mind? If not, don't do it.) ; make amends immediately ( If for some reason you end up treating someone unkindly or unfairly or have been dishonest, correct your mistake as soon as possible. You will find peace of mind in the fact that you have improved upon your actions nd done your part to relieve any ill feeling or guilt); validate yourself ( In difficult situations, look at what you did well. If you have been struggling, notice when you make progress. You will not get to feel that wonderful sense of peace if you do not take the time to fully acknowledge it.)


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