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Lead a Healthier Lifestyle

At Attaining Health, we provide comprehensive services to guide and help you feel the confidence and support you need to overcome your health challenges. 

Are you Ready for a Change?

Our job is to help you create more health, & provide the nutritional building blocks required for attaining health. 


You will gain the education and tools required to achieve the healthy mind and body you were meant to have, while we prepare you for that journey with motivation, encouragement, support and inspiration. 

We help clients combine nutrient dense foods, a healthy ketogenic lifestyle and Intermittent Fasting to achieve maximum weight loss potential. We recommend a type of healthy ketogenic lifestyle that emphasizes getting your required nutrients and eating moderate protein and healthy fats.


We educate our clients on their specific body type and its needs to help find possible areas of weakness based on how glands behave when they are stressed.


You'll learn what foods to eat, which ones to avoid, how to incorporate exercise into a regular routine as well as stress reduction in order to lower cortisol for an overall healthier lifestyle.  

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  • Health Coach Certification by the Berg Method

  • Mental Health First Aid Basic-


  • Taught and facilitated many courses throughout the last 25 years within the Federal Government

  • Completed the required course of study approved by the Berg Method Health Coach training 

  • Able to guide someone to resources for Mental Health 

  • Coaching High Performance

  • Basic Training for Trainers​

  • Training Tips and Techniques

  • Teaching Techniques

  • Coaching for Effective Leadership

  • Individual Listening Skills

  • Enhancing your Speaking skills

  • Practice Active Listening

  • How Adults Learn

  • Communications Basics

  • Presentation Skills

  • Effective Communication

Real Experiences, Stunning Results

We’ve been honored to work with fantastic human beings and are deeply grateful for their willingness to share their experiences. Learn about some of our previous clients and their health and wellness journeys.

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