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Problems with sugar consumption

When you eat foods high in refined sugar, you tend to want to eat more and more sugar because there’s no nutrition. It then becomes easy to eat a lot of sugar as there are no nutrients to turn the brains hunger off. Problem is that sugar ( dextrose, sucrose etc.) depletes electrolytes ( calcium, potassium and B vitamins.) When your potassium goes down, your sodium goes up and you retain fluid. This is why there is weight gain.

Insulin regulates sugar by getting the extra sugar out of the blood fast. When a person consumes a lot of sugar in one sitting, you have a massive whiplash of certain organs ( pancreas) that flood insulin ( spike it) and end up storing the sugar as fat, triglycerides and cholesterol. When have increased blood sugar, have increased insulin to counter this and end up with fatigue. Then over time, you start creating more damage in the system and now things stay high in sugar ( hyperglycemia) as not enough insulin to push it down. With high blood sugar have fatigue, lethargy and brain fog. Diabetes then occurs. With this a person can have a lot of side effects such a vision ( can go blind as it will affect the nerves in your eyes), also affects circulation so the person gets pain in feet, hands and eventually could need those body parts amputated due to gangrene that has set in.

Finally here because insulin is a dominating hormone, even a bit of sugar will block a lot of good things that you do ( eating properly and exercising) at this stage, especially as you age.

To stop your sugar cravings, consume more potassium. ( kale shake)

Now in America, 33% of children are becoming diabetic, it is because of all of the sugar in our diet as a society.


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