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Soy: Fermented verses unfermented

Fermented soy: tofu; tempe; miso; soy sauce. Fermentation by achieved by adding friendly bacteria, friendly yeast and friendly mold and through an enzymatic action, create this food that is easier to digest. Chinese have been consuming the fermented soy for years. Top picture is Tofu. Fermented is fine to consume. Unfermented soy: soy powder; veggie patties and veggie meats; soy protein isolates. Also in so many packaged diet foods, protein bars, shakes, baby foods. About 90% of the time they are genetically modified without being labelled as such. Research is not complete yet and too many damaging effects on the body as acts like an estrogen in the body ( cysts, fibroids, tumors). Unfermented should be avoided. - Dr Berg


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