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Rosalie's Health Journey

Hi . My name is Rosalie and I live in Prince Edward Island. Grief can cause a lot of things-stress, depression, weight gain, anxiety, sleep loss, and inflammation. Last winter I spent a lot of my time sitting on the couch eating chips, drinking wine and watching a lot of TV, and then Covid hit. I saw an advertisement about Attaining Health by Elaine Rodgerson Jubis. I decided I need to get out of my black hole and do this for myself. (It is much harder when you are post -menopausal).

I began my journey on a healthier lifestyle in June and am very glad I did. I have lost 18 inches and 17.5 lbs. But more importantly , I have a more positive attitude and have found hope. I am sleeping better and am enjoying the everyday moments . Elaine always found useful tools and videos for my needs. She helped me learn healthy food choices .She always encouraged me and I looked forward to our weekly meetings. We were able to do this thru Zoom (which is very important in this pandemic because of social distancing and staying within our bubble). I would highly recommend her!

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