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Janice Comeau's Testimony

April 26,2022 I joined Attaining Health with Elaine. I was scared because I didn’t know if I could do it. Plus I can’t cook. Lol. At that time I had a lot of physical pain, heartburn and tired all the time. Well I can tell you that doing this with Elaine has proven to be quite easy. All I had to do was voice my issues and she provided me with a solution. All the videos and positive info. All so awesome. So now I have lost 57 pounds and I am where I want to be. I am no longer in any physical pain. No more heartburn. And way more energy. Not tired like I was. And my sleep is soooooo much better. Plus I have no gallbladder and Elaine helped me with the issues that presents. And is all good now. I can’t say enough about this health endeavour. I just love it. . People ask me don’t you miss eating what you ate before? The answer is no. Because now I can eat a healthy version and feel great after eating it. So why would I want any other way. Lastly I want to say that I am extremely grateful for all of Elaine’s help. I couldn’t have had a better health tutor. I will be going on my own as of April 25, 2023. I will miss our video chats. Thanks again Elaine

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