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Karen Comeau's Testimony

Elaine Rodgerson-Jubis and this healthy keto eating has changed my life. I used to suffer from chronic headaches and fatigue along with general aches and pains. I am happy to report I am headache free now, I feel less fatigued and my bones hurt so much less!!

I didn’t think I could do any of this but with Elaine’s guidance and education the pay off is that I feel so much better. I have lost about 11 lbs and inches and although am not quite at goal I feel confident that I can do it. The mind and body related to food has finally clicked for me and I even drink coffee without sugar or Splenda now which for me is HUGE!!!

If you’re tired of feeling sick and tired, chat with Elaine - she will help get you your health and love yourself back - Love you huge Cuz

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April 26,2022 I joined Attaining Health with Elaine. I was scared because I didn’t know if I could do it. Plus I can’t cook. Lol. At that time I had a lot of physical pain, heartburn and tired all the

Elaine has helped so many people on their journey of getting healthy including myself. I came to Elaine for some advice because I wanted to try healthy keto but was afraid because of having hereditary

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