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Yvelle Tufts-Comeau's Testimonial

I decided to seek Elaine's guidance last year after seeing my sister's success after just one month. By success, I am referring to becoming healthy. I have tried so many weight loss programs in the past but none have taught me about optimum health as much as this program through Elaine. I learned that in order to lose weight, I first and foremost had to become healthy. All the other programs did not teach me the negative effects that sugar and carbs have on the body. I watched "The Magic Pill" on YouTube and it was an eye opener to what I was doing wrong all along. As soon as I jumped on the low carb keto way of eating, my cravings for sugar and carbs disappeared. Inflammation, cravings, sleepless nights, brain fog, bloating, weight and ASTHMA all disappeared. For the first time in my life, I felt healthy and the weight melted off with very little effort. I even lost weight in the month of December and after a family vacation in Mexico, all because I was NOT tempted to fuel my body with foods that I used to crave so very much. I had tried keto in the past, but I was doing dirty keto (way too much protein, including processed meats and not enough veggies). Elaine taught me the healthy version of keto, the same one depicted in "The Magic Pill" documentary.  

I can't thank you enough, Elaine, for teaching me, guiding me, encouraging me and for believing in me. You had answers to my questions, you had uplifting quotes to pick me up, you had amazing recipes I have enjoyed making and you have made this journey one that I KNOW I will stay on forever. 

Yvelle Comeau

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